What is an Escape Room?

What is an escape room?


Escape Rooms, Adventure Rooms or as they are known in Italy, fugga dalla stanza, and scappa dalla stanza originated in Japan in 2008. They quickly became popular in the rest of Asia, then Australia and Europe and more recently in North America. The first escape room to open in Italy was in Torino. In 2016, the escape room phenomenon came to Lecce and now there are four offering different themed games.


The basic idea of an escape room is that you are closed or “trapped” in a room with a group of your friends, family, colleagues or even a bunch of strangers and you have to find and solve a series of puzzles to finish the game or to “escape” within a set time limit, usually 60 minutes. These puzzles may be hidden or uncovered when another puzzle is solved. When puzzles are solved, they might open a lock, a door, provide a clue or become a piece of another puzzle. Clues for puzzles may require abstract logic, strategic thinking, research using other objects, or at times physical agility. Generally, all you need to “escape” is a working brain and good team coordination!


Most rooms are themed and follow the narrative of “Escape the room”; the most common objective being to escape an unpleasant place such as a prison or dungeon. Some other themes include investigating a crime or mystery, diffusing an explosive device or gathering intelligence or espionage. Escape room themes in Europe tend to be of a specific time and place from the last century. In Asia, horror themes are more popular while a quarter of escape rooms worldwide have a theme from the modern era.

The only way to truly understand how an hour or so in an escape room can be great fun and not to mention addictive, is to experience it for yourself. Book now!