Game Rules

1. Children under 12 are strictly not permitted into the game. The game may contain adult themes and therefore children aged 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

2. The game is not suitable for those with heart conditions, epilepsy, severe claustrophobia, or sensitivity to laser and light effects.

3. Smoking, and participating under the influence of drugs or alcohol are strictly not permitted.

4. Personal belongings are not allowed into the Escape Room. You will place your personal belongings in a locked place outside of the Escape Room and take the key with you into the game.

5. You are not allowed to record, capture or snap any photograph or video while in the Escape Room.

6. You must obey all the cautionary signs in the Escape Room. The signs are not to be removed as they are there for your safety and the safety of others.

7. The heating system and video cameras are not part of the game.

8. If you break it, you buy it so do not try to pry open locks, doors, drawers etc. If it seems like it is secure, it most likely is. Do not climb on top of objects or furniture as everything you need is easily accessible.

9. The door to the entrance of the Escape Room is not locked and you may leave at any time for any reason but time lost outside of the room will not be compensated.

10. By participating in the game, you agree to obey all the game rules and acknowledge and agree to the Association Terms of Service. Anyone who violates the rules or terms may be immediately removed from the game or venue, and may have their membership revoked without any compensation or remedy.