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How it works

Get trapped in a room

A group of 2-6 friends, family members or colleagues are locked in a room.

Solve the puzzles

They work as a team to solve lingual, visual, mathematical, spatial, physical and lateral puzzles.


The team has 70 minutes to find and solve all puzzles to escape the room.


You have been short-listed for the role of Magician’s Assistant. Arriving at Kellar’s Magic Emporium, you are tasked with solving a series of puzzles in order to prove your skill. You'll need to pay close attention to pass this test, as things are not always what they seem...

Difficulty 4/5
Recommended 4 people

Interesting Facts

On 5 continents

You can escape Kellar's Magic Emporium in South Africa, Singapore, Canada, Australia and now Italy!

Thousands of participants

Over 18,000 people loved Kellar's Magic Emporium.

Top ratings

Kellar's Magic Emporium is rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor.

escape [at] reddoorescape.it

Via Luigi Scarambone 5, Lecce, Italy

+39 388 7918119

Frequently Asked Questions

€2 annual membership fee per person
€50 per group for a 70 minute experience

The €50 fee goes towards maintaining, updating rooms and adding new ones which is necessary to provide the best possible gaming experience.
Every member receives updates on Social Escapes, popup escape rooms, new rooms and other events. You may also contribute by making suggestions and offering feedback on our rooms and service.
The rooms are recommended for adults, however children aged 12-17 are welcome to participate if accompanied by an adult.
Escape rooms are not suitable for people with heart problems, epilepsy or severe claustrophobia. Our rooms are not wheelchair-friendly and are also not suitable for those sensitive to laser and light effects. In these cases, we recommend that you do not participate.
Unfortunately, for safety reasons and due to the size of the space we cannot make an exception. The rooms are designed for 2-6 people in mind for a better game experience. We recommend booking additional sessions for groups of 7 or more.
You may book online here at least four hours before your start time. For last minute bookings, please call 388 79118119 or send us a chat message.
To cancel your booking, please email us at escape@reddoorescape.it.
Please allow yourself some extra time to arrive as parking in Lecce is difficult. We require that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time so that we can introduce you to the game and explain the rules. The game is a live event meaning that it starts and ends on time, therefore any late group arrivals may have less time to participate in the game.
Bring your reading glasses if your eye sight isn't 100%. Other than that, all you'll need is a working brain!
You may not bring food or drinks into the rooms so make sure you're well fed and hydrated before! We also do not allow you to bring your personal belongings including phone and wallet into the rooms as it may spoil the game experience for you and others in your group.
Ofcourse not as it is neither safe or legal! You are free to leave the room at any time.
Our Corporate Escapes are great for team-building! Find more information about group bookings here.
Absolutely! Please enquire within if you would like to gift this experience to someone.
We will be offering games in English in the near future!